BULGARIA — Despite receiving Christ at an early age, this Bulgarian man didn’t feel that his spiritual journey made sense until he was in his 40s. He wrote to Studio 865, TWR’s Bulgarian partner, which produces radio programs in Bulgarian and Balkan Romani. It also has TV and Internet ministries.

The majority of those years I thought I was living for God when I was really living for myself. I knew I was not where I needed to be spiritually and longed for something more. There had to be more to living this Christian life than what I was doing.

As long as I was worrying, I was not in faith. As long as I was complaining and arguing, I was not in peace. Many situations finally brought me to where I had to answer the question of whether I trusted God to handle everything in my life or I wanted to continue handling it myself and being miserable and in strife.

Thru the Bible has blessed me and helped to remind me of God’s Word, and he is true! Sometimes a verse will jump out and grab my heart and speak to my spirit. I love following the Bible teaching with these radio programs! Thanks, Studio 865, for your ministry. God bless!

Facts about Bulgaria*:

      • Bulgaria has rarely been independent. Communist rule was heavy from 1947-1989.
      • Orthodoxy is recognized as the “traditional” religion.
      • Complete religious freedom is still a goal, though things have greatly improved since the 1990s
      • Evangelicals make up close to 2 percent of the population today.

* Some information cited here comes from Operation World, 7th edition.