CZECH REPUBLIC — A Czech believer has found immense comfort in hearing TWR’s broadcasts.

She wrote a letter to a local station saying, “Yesterday, when I listened to your program, I could feel the Lord talking to me. I went through different difficulties, and sometimes there is doubt: What if the Lord just drops me?”

Recently, she sat in the park and talked to the Lord. “Look, Lord, I am a coward. I am afraid of everything!” she said. But she heard God respond this way: “I have prepared you for a long time for what you are doing already, and I also prepared the way around you. Do not fear.”

In her work as a hairdresser, she loves to talk about God to her clients. One of them came to the Lord through her. “After that, she lived two years and went to eternity knowing the Lord,” she said.

“I love your programs,” she wrote. “They bring life and are done with your whole heart and soul. I thank the Lord for you.”

Facts about the Czech Republic*:

  • The Czech Republic has a strong economy in central Europe, and its strengths include industry and manufacturing.
  • Religious influence in Czech society has declined significantly, although the culture has not been very religious for centuries.
  • TWR’s national partner here, known as TWR-CZ, works closely with TWR Slovakia and covers about 80 percent of the country with FM broadcasts.

* Some of the information cited here comes from Operation World, 7th edition.