EGYPT — I bought a radio after I moved back to Egypt from Sudan to listen to my favorite radio program, Thru the Bible (TTB). Your program was given to me as a gift from God when I was in need of spiritual food, and it was the first and only source of encouragement and spiritual food for my faith after I received the Lord Jesus into my heart. I was raised in another religion, and I did not know anything about Christianity other than that I thought it was wrong and the Bible was wrong, too.

One night I heard some music on the radio that caught my ear, and I started following the programs. Through the TTB programs, I learned all of the basic truths of Christianity and how to accept Jesus Christ into my life. My family didn’t know about my faith, but I kept evangelizing among people and proving to them that Christ and the Bible are real and true. Two came to Christ and were baptized secretly.

In 2013 my family found out about my faith, and I couldn’t deny Jesus. They tortured me badly to try to get me to go back to the darkness… By God’s grace my little brother helped me escape to Egypt. I continue to pray for you and your ministry to lighten this dark world with the light of Jesus.

Facts about Egypt:

• More than 92 percent of Egyptians are Arabic speakers.

• Christian media is the most potent means of witness to the majority of Egyptians.

• TWR airs programming seven days a week to Egypt using high-powered AM transmissions.