INDIA — Do you believe that God’s love for you is so great, he will chase after you and call you to come to his outstretched arms? There he will embrace you, love you and give you eternal life. Here’s the story of a man who ran into the arms of Jesus when this realization hit him.

“I am not an educated person, and I do simple manual work. I used to be addicted to alcohol and got angry at the slightest of things.

“One of my co-workers was Christian. Even though I practiced another religion, he and his family were very kind to me. They offered me a shelter in their home, and even provided me with meals. For that I was grateful. I also noticed that they were regular listeners of Christian radio programs.

“One day, a servant of God from TWR India came to visit their home. I was surprised that he spoke Tulu, which is my mother tongue. He shared the gospel with me in my own language and I realized that I am a sinner in need of salvation. Right there, I surrendered my life to Jesus.

“I started listening to TWR’s radio program and slowly, I saw a great change in my life. I’ve continued listening since then, and I am growing in faith.”