INDONESIA — “I listen to the Women of Hope program together with other women in a listeners’ group that is co-ordinated by TWR-Indonesia. I feel that this is where I meet God…”

Sarthi, a 50-year-old single mother from Indonesia, has had a hard life. She makes a living by selling discarded items, and earning a decent income is proving to be difficult.

Sarthi also encountered more challenges along the way. She described her life as being dark.

“People consider my job a lowly one. I often have to interact with difficult people and to fend for myself, I use bad language to talk to them,” said Sarthi.

In the midst of her hard life, Sarthi experienced change when she met staff from TWR-Indonesia. She got to know about the Women of Hope program in Bahasa Indonesia, and began listening to it. Through the program, she learnt that she should discontinue her negative habits, such as talking rudely to people around her and using bad language. She decided to drop these from her life.

“It was not easy. I had to fight hard against these bad habits.

I draw strength from listening to the Women of Hope programs to overcome the challenges. My faith has also grown stronger. Jesus’ love for me also gives me the strength to change.

Slowly, I was able to leave my bad habits behind.

My life is now brighter because Jesus has illuminated it. I am truly grateful to God for His love for me, and for allowing me to meet the TWR-Indonesia team who are willing to serve people like me. I am thankful that your programs have touched my heart,” exclaimed Sarthi.

The Women of Hope program has significantly transformed the lives of many women in Indonesia. There are many other women like Sarthi who need to hear about our Savior. We ask for your prayerful support for our ministry in Indonesia.