GUATEMALA — For more than 40 years, first in Spanish and eventually in more than a hundred languages, TWR has partnered with Thru the Bible to translate and broadcast the program around the world. For nearly three-quarters of that history, a Guatemalan family has been tuning in to ride on the program’s imaginary Bible bus.

A listener – let’s call her Ana – in that Central American country hears the program daily via the broadcasts of TWR national partner Radio Cultural TGN. She’s 34 now and has been listening since she was 5.

“I have learned a lot with the teachings, and now, bless God, I am boarding this imaginary biblical bus together with my two young daughters,” Ana writes. “Seeing my daughters listen to the program brings to mind when my mom, my sister and I used to get on board with you to study this blessed book, the Bible. I ask God’s blessing for the whole Thru the Bible team and that we will be not just hearers but also collaborators spiritually and through offerings for blessed ministries such as this.”

Facts About Guatemala*:

  • Agriculture continues to be a major economic driver of the country, providing half the jobs and 75 percent of the exports.
  • After decades of rapid growth, evangelicals now account for about one-fifth of the population, but syncretism – a blending of Christian and non-Christian elements – is common and threatens to undermine the Church.
  • Radio Cultural TGN’s multiple transmitters and frequencies not only cover the whole country but also reach beyond the borders to neighboring Mexico and Belize.

*Operation World, 7th edition, was used in the preparation of this country report.