INDIA — In India, a society in which people traditionally have been distinguished by social rankings with different privileges, Rani came from a high-caste family that did not know Jesus. In spite of her high social standing, she also had her fair share of troubles. She had two children, one of whom, a daughter, was intellectually and physically disabled.

Things went downhill in 1997 when she and her husband underwent a separation. Living apart from her husband was extremely difficult for her. She even considered taking her own life. Not wanting to burden her elderly parents with her daughter, she contemplated ending it all.

“I decided that I had to kill my daughter and then commit suicide,” Rani reveals in a letter to TWR. “The thought of doing this grieved me tremendously. Every day, I would turn my face to the wall and cry bitterly.”

Little did she know that God was not going to allow her to carry out her plan. Rani had a maid who was worshiping at a church just behind the family’s house. Many times, she would invite Rani to attend church with her. Rani was never interested. She was ashamed to enter the church because of her family’s high social status. Nevertheless, Rani soon realized that her servant never let social status affect her desire to bring Rani to church. The maid persisted with her invitations, and Rani decided to go with her just once. Perhaps then the maid would stop bothering her with it.

That one visit became a weekly routine as she found comfort in the Word of God and the prayers of the people in the church. Miraculously, her problems started clearing up, and she was eventually reunited with her husband.

Standing firm in her faith, Rani told her husband that unless she was allowed to continue attending church, she would live separately from him. Although he was not happy with it, he agreed. Amid his scoldings and discouraging words, she continued to worship God. She knew she needed to experience God’s love.

During those times of struggles, Rani listened to one of TWR’s radio programs. “It strengthened me, and I wanted to be baptized to proclaim my faith. Though my husband was unwilling, I fasted and prayed until it became a reality. Later on, I faced many temptations and problems. I continued to stay in God’s presence and prayed through them. God has since delivered me from all my problems and strengthened me.”

Since then, God has worked many miracles in Rani’s life, including her husband’s acceptance of Jesus as Savior. Together they serve God wholeheartedly despite their struggles.

One of their major trials involved their daughter getting a high fever and ultimately dying. Although Rani could not understand why this happened, she was ready to accept God’s plan.

“I do not know why God allowed this to happen, but we have accepted his perfect will in our lives,” Rani says. “God has been so good to us, and our only desire is to serve Him.”