VENEZUELA — A Venezuelan woman named Maria sent an email to tell how she became a second-generation rider on the Bible bus – the plot device J. Vernon McGee used in presenting his Thru the Bible series. Her story brings to mind the oft-quoted verse Proverbs 22:6.

“I wanted to tell you that your program is a great spiritual help to me. My mom always turned on the radio to hear your program many years ago and made her decision to commit her life to Jesus and follow him. Just a month ago she went to be with the Lord, leaving with us much many teachings. I also used to listen, but not continuously, and then I lost track of the programs.

“Now that I am a woman of 53 years, I wake up very early and listen to [a station in Venezuela]. After my devotional, I listen to you and am convinced that with Christ I want to live, and I want to be with Christ and with your teachings until the last day of my life.

“What a blessing the biblical bus is as the food of the Word gives us strength day by day. And in these times of discouragement and struggles, what could be better than the blessing of being able to hear your preaching through the radio and to bless others.”

Facts About Venezuela:

  • The South American country has become increasingly divided in the aftermath of the death of authoritarian president Hugo Chavez.
  • Although it is a leading producer of oil, Venezuela’s economy continues to deteriorate and crime is a serious problem.
  • Pedrito el Pulpo, which features the puppet character known in English as Little Peter the Octopus and shares Christian lessons with children, was created by TWR Venezuela and has become popular across Latin America.