CHINA — A woman in China wears the audio player she received from TWR around her neck.

When others laugh at her, she doesn’t let them intimidate her.

“What a good thing it is to believe in Jesus,” she said.

She received the audio player as part of TWR’s SON-Lift project, an outreach to more than 100 of China’s unreached people groups (UPGs). The audio players come preloaded with 60 dramatized Bible stories about the life of Jesus as well as an audio Bible and hymns. The programs are being produced in 15 key languages to reach two-thirds of China’s UPG population.

The woman who wears the audio player around her neck doesn’t have good hearing and doesn’t speak well, but when invited to a join a group listening to the stories of Jesus, she agreed to attend.

She usually sat quietly in the corner, but during one meeting, she surprised the TWR team by saying she would like to join the church and be baptized. When asked her reason for wanting to take these steps, she replied that since she received the audio player from the church, she had been listening to it all the time.

Shortly after giving her life to Jesus, the woman told the others, she found a wallet on the street. Inside were a few hundred dollars. In the past, she said, she would have taken the money and walked away. But on that day, she waited for over three hours at the spot where she found the wallet, all in the hope of finding the owner.

When it turned dark, she went to a Christian friend’s home, asking for help locating the owner. The two women went door to door and eventually found the owner.

Now that she’s a Christian, the woman said, she cannot take advantage of others.

“Man may not see it, but Jesus can see everything,” she said.

The woman’s story of how God’s grace transformed her life echoes Paul’s words in 1 Corinthians 5:17 (ESV): “Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation. The old has passed away; behold, the new has come.”

Did You Know?

The SON-Lift project is in its second phase, which will reach 34 UPGs.

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