Kenya –For a blind man who drew hope from TWR broadcasts while recovering from a tragic traffic accident, a visit to the ministry’s office in Kenya was a dream come true. It was a moving experience for the staff who received him, as well.

A staff member was the first one to notice the arrival of special visitor Francis Mwai at the TWR Kenya facility. Two people entered the gate – one a man in his mid-20s and the other much older and wearing dark sunglasses and carrying a walking stick.

“Hallo, I am Francis Mwai, and I was told to come here today,” the older man said. The other man was his nephew, Geoffrey Mwangi, who had accompanied him and served as his guide for the visit. Mr. Mwai had come to the office to pick his highly anticipated copy of the audio CD version of TTB NENO (Thru the Bible in Swahili).

The jovial Mr. Mwai shared his life story and his longtime connection with TWR broadcasting. At the age of 34, he was in a head-on crash between the public-service vehicle he was riding in and a diesel tanker. The vehicle burst into flames, but he was rescued from the burning vehicle. He remembers crying out to God just before the collision to save his soul and not let him go to hell, and he was eventually rescued from the burning vehicle.

When he regained consciousness in the hospital, he couldn’t see and much of his body had been badly burned. The hospital was to be his home for the next four years as the doctors saved his life and then performed reconstructive surgeries so that he could breathe and open his mouth. Still, he remained hopeful.

In the hospital, he asked his family to bring him a radio so that he could listen to NENO, produced at TWR Kenya in conjunction with the TTB ministry. The program helped to strengthen his love for the Lord and gave him hope, he recalled. He couldn’t seem to get enough of the extensive Bible study and eventually began to listen to Rugendo, the Gikuyu language version of the TTB program.

Hearing that NENO audio CDs were now available, Mr. Mwai was eager to have his own copy. But he had also hoped that one day he would be able to meet the NENO and Rugendo broadcast presenters to tell them in person how much of a blessing they had been to him.

This was his chance, and the staff introduced him to Pastor Geoffrey Munialo of NENO and then Pastor James Karichu of Rugendo. The excitement caught the attention of TWR Kenya Director Bernice Gatere, who stopped by to welcome Mr. Mwai and to thank him for spending time with the staff.

Before ending his visit, Mr. Mwai offered words of wisdom gleaned from his own experiences. “There is nothing as dangerous as having spiritual weakness,” he said. “You can have physical weakness, but not spiritual. Look at me, for instance. How many have left this world before me! God knows why I am still alive.”