India –For generations, Seetha and his family had believed in many gods. His family used to make sacrifices and follow rituals.

But after listening to TWR’s broadcast of The Word Today, they started to question what they were doing.

“We wanted to know more about the truth of Jesus Christ and the salvation that is offered through him,” Seetha writes from his home country of India. “We have learnt many spiritual truths through your program. Initially, we were concerned if our gods would penalize us for deserting them, but listening to your programs has taught us how to confess our sins and believe in Jesus Christ.”

When Seetha and his family were confused, they called a number given during the program.

“The spiritual advice you gave me prevented me from going back to my old practices again,” Seetha wrote. “After that, we called you up frequently because we longed for the light of the Lord Jesus Christ. The conversations we had with you have encouraged us.”

Seetha said it is a great privilege to know the truth and to learn how to pray.

“It has shown us the way into the light,” he wrote. “Our special thanks to TWR and the program The Word Today! Please pray alongside us for the salvation of our relatives.”

Many like Seetha come to a saving knowledge of Christ through programs like The Word Today. Pray that more like Seetha will come to hear, believe and be transformed through God’s Word.