TWR reaches listeners in Asia using a variety of media platforms. These platforms are strategically selected based on their relevance and the needs of the community we are reaching.

If you would like to discuss the feasibility of teaming on a project to reach Asia with the gospel using our media platforms, please contact us.

  1. Shortwave and Mediumwave (AM) Radio

    Shortwave and mediumwave radio broadcasts are used to deliver God’s message of salvation in Jesus Christ to listeners who may never get the chance to meet a missionary in their lifetime.

    TWR’s shortwave and mediumwave signals reach people who are isolated from the gospel by geographical and ideological barriers.

    Listeners cannot be identified through the radio transmissions, and radio does not leave a digital trail.

    Through songs, parables and dramatized stories, Jesus is introduced in ways that overcome learning and literacy barriers.

  2. FM Radio

    FM radio broadcasts bring biblical teaching and encouragement to those shut behind closed doors, such as those whose family does not allow them to attend church.

    Across Asia, television sets and computers are often shared by the entire family. Radio is unique, as using headphones, users can listen to programs privately.

    Listeners can listen to TWR’s radio programs while going about their daily lives.

    Highly Accessible
    Almost everyone has access to an FM radio as they are inexpensive. Not only that, many mobile phones also allow users to listen to the radio!

  3. Digital and Internet-based Technologies

    Addresses issues and questions raised by an online generation in a contextualized manner by delivering biblical content and instruction to address identified needs. We use tools that are familiar to the user (such as mobile devices and computers) to introduce them to our programs by providing pre-evangelistic outreach to engage audiences on relevant issues.

    Users can enjoy and experience an abundance of Christian media resources that they can download, stream and read in their own language. We are constantly working to add even more languages! Available 24/7 on any device with an internet connection.

  4. Physical Media

    Carrying God’s message of hope in compact and accessible packages.

    Highly Compact
    SD cards and microSD cards take up almost no space at all, which allows distributors to carry many of them discreetly.

    TWR’s memory cards and audio players are filled with collections of sermons and Christian programs. Especially useful when listeners are yearning for spiritual food.

    Easily Shared
    Can be passed around from one person to another, or played among trusted groups of friends to be enjoyed together.