Sharing the gospel with China’s unreached people groups (UPGs) is a huge endeavor – a God-sized task. But that’s our calling! That’s why we’ve spent the last couple of years raising awareness and support for our SON-Lift project, an integrated media strategy to share the gospel with more than 100 UPGs in China.

And we’re doing it again! We’d like to invite you to join us for a screening of the movie Risen in March 2016 in support of this special project. We’re offering two opportunities to catch the show!

We’re grateful for your partnership over the past couple years. Because of your support and by God’s grace, the SON-Lift team has:

  • Produced programs in three languages – Mandarin, Cantonese and Hakka
  • Broadcast the programs by shortwave from Guam seven hours a week, as well as on the Internet
  • Produced an audio player with the audio Bible in Mandarin, 60 dramatized Bible stories in the three languages and 100 worship songs in Mandarin
  • Distributed more than 1,000 audio players
  • Begun production of the programs in the Nosu Yi, Mongolian and Southern Dong languages

The SON-Lift project takes its name from TWR’s desire to “lift up” the name of Jesus and use mass media to proclaim him as Lord, enhancing the efforts of missionaries and local churches already working among the UPGs in the rural areas of China.

A listener shares with TWR how the radio program helped her:

“I am a Sunday school teacher living in a village. Programs from TWR, especially the Bible stories program, helped me a lot. The content is rich and helped me in preparation for Sunday school. It added strength and faith to me. I also introduced your program to the children as well as their parents. They are all very happy.”

Please join us in helping more people like this listener. You are free to give any amount, but for every gift of $50 for this project, you will be invited to attend our special screening of the movie Risen.

If you’re interested in giving to this unique project, please email Eugene at or call 6501-5155. For more information about how to give, click here.