GUAM – The Guam team has seen much pumping, drilling, digging and mounting to get the second batch of solar panels up and working.

The installation of this array completes the second phase of the solar panel project to reduce costs at KTWR, the Guam shortwave station.

TWR has been broadcasting from this station since the 1970s. It broadcasts more than 10 hours per day all across Asia, covering approximately 18 languages and dialects.

Broadcasting at up to 600 kilowatts (kW) over thousands of kilometers during peak hours — from Guam to China and other parts of Asia — tends to use quite a bit more power than the average home. As a result, the largest line item in KTWR’s budget goes to paying the power bill.

To reduce the cost of electricity, TWR began a project to install solar panels at the station.

The first phase of solar panels was installed about a year ago. The panels have helped produced 43.5 megawatt hours (MWh) of energy, which adds up to approximately $13,000 in energy savings over the past year. Adding this second phase of panels will further reduce our energy bills and bring the total capacity to 51kW. These added solar panels will save the station up to $2,000 a month.

Phase three is the final phase. With the additional capability, the three phases are projected to generate significant excess electricity during low-demand periods that would be sold back to the local energy utility – off-setting costs TWR incurs during nightly broadcasts.

The savings will help TWR Asia direct more money back into ministry-related activities.

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