NEPAL — Another major earthquake hit Nepal on Tuesday, 12 May, adding to the country’s devastation.

The TWR Nepal team members and families are safe. The office remains closed as it is in a low-lying area.

The recent earthquake was magnitude-7.3 and hit east of the Kathmandu, the capital, near the country’s border with China.

The team in Nepal has been traveling around to assess the damage and distribute humanitarian aid.

“Right now, our first priority is to do some relief aid work,” said Simon, director of TWR Nepal. “Meals, water, shelters, tents and medicines are acute needs in affected areas. The TWR team is… planning to visit these areas to study the situation and distribute aid in partnership with local nongovernmental organizations and government agencies.”

More than 8,000 deaths have been counted so far along with twice that many injuries. One source puts the number of houses and buildings damaged or destroyed in the hundreds of thousands. Whole villages have been flattened.

“Many of our listeners have been affected,” Simon said. “Some of our listeners have been killed and wounded. Their houses have been completely destroyed and damaged. They are calling us to pray for them.”

TWR’s existing gospel programs continue to air from local FM stations, although some broadcasts have been pre-empted by frequent reports about the crisis. Special trauma-counseling programming is already being beamed to Nepal from TWR’s shortwave transmitter station on Guam, though broadcasts are under threat due to a typhoon approaching the island.

This first wave of emergency broadcasts is in English, but TWR India is developing programing in Nepali, as well as in Hindi and Bhojpuri. These broadcasts seek to address the long-term spiritual and emotional well-being of listeners in Nepal.

Continue to pray for Nepal as aftershocks are expected to continue for days or even weeks, and could cause landslides and avalanches. Please pray for the TWR team and the work being done to broadcast special trauma-counseling programming in to the country.

Click here for details about how to lend a crucial helping hand to TWR Nepal’s efforts and for more information about the relief plans.