At the beginning of June, TWR Nepal began broadcasting a trauma-counseling program in Nepali over local FM stations in areas affected by the recent earthquakes.

The first wave of emergency broadcasts have been in English from TWR’s shortwave transmitter site on Guam. Shortwave broadcasts will continue in English as well as in Nepali.

These broadcasts seek to address the long-term spiritual and emotional well-being of listeners.

In Nepal, the programs will be broadcast over 15 FM stations in the affected areas. They will broadcast for three months while the team continues to assess the need on the ground.

TWR’s existing gospel programs continue to air on local FM stations, although some broadcasts have been pre-empted by frequent reports about the crisis.

The 7.8- and 7.3-magnitude earthquakes that hit Nepal recently killed more than 9,000 people and injured more than 2,000 people. More than 400,000 houses and buildings have been damaged or destroyed.

The team in Nepal has been visiting areas affected by the earthquake to distribute relief aid, including bags of rice, drinking water, salts, dal (protein-rich lentils), tents, medicine and cooking oils, in cooperation with local non-government organizations and government agencies.

“So many of our listeners have been affected,” said Simon, director of TWR Nepal. “Some of them killed by this earthquake. And some of them wounded.”

During visits to more than 40 villages, the team has heard stories about faith in the midst of this disaster.

A pastor who listens to the programs pulled out 20 people who were trapped in the rubble, including his wife.

“We were amazed by this kind pastor’s actions,” Simon said. “We however understand the pastor’s love and care for his church members.”

Continue to pray for the relief efforts in Nepal as well as the broadcasts TWR will begin airing and the radio distribution.

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