The Vietnam team distributes media content as well as rice to their countrymen living in remote areas.

Vietnam has a population of more than 89 million people, but only about 29 percent live in urban areas.

In such an environment, the radio plays a significant role in the lives of people for news and entertainment. TWR broadcasts a 15- or 30-minute radio program into Vietnam daily via shortwave transmitters located outside the country.

These programs help equip local pastors and church leaders to carry on their work especially in rural areas. While programs like Women of Hope encourage the women, who don’t often receive an education.

In addition to the programs, the Vietnam team also distributes Bibles and radios to those who are unable to afford them. As many locals are uneducated, the team also teaches them to read and write basic Vietnamese so they can read the Bible on their own.

At the beginning of the year, the team traveled north to the Bac Kan, Thai Nguyen and Lang Son provinces, partnering with local churches to distribute rice to the villagers and share about the programs.

The terrain was difficult mountain roads, and many villagers are unable to make their way to shops without a motorbike. The team carried the heavy bags of rice for more about 40 kilometers after the laborious effort of packing them for distribution. In some areas where the terrain was too dangerous, the locals had to trek down from their villages in the mountains to collect the rice from the team.

We are also encouraged that although Christian friends from Ho Chi Minh could not join us for the trip, they supported our project by giving of their resources to the people in the north as a Lunar New Year gift.

TWR Vietnam embarks on such projects from time to time, so if you are interested in partnering with us on future projects, do let us know. We welcome all the help we can get.