The former leader of a neighbouring country called her a “little red dot”. Be that as it may, economists have recognised the comparatively significant economic affluence and influence of one of the former “Asian Tigers”.

And recently, the head of a Christian broadcasting organisation with one of the most extensive networks worldwide has, both in commendation and exhortation, referred to Singapore as “one of the most spiritual resource-rich places on earth”.

Lauren Libby, who is president of TWR, was speaking during an interview conducted by The Christian Post at the TWR-Asia office in Singapore. He was responding to a question on the role Singapore churches and believers can play in the ministry of the Christian broadcaster. The interview proper revolved around TWR’s ministry in general and was occasioned by the new president’s visit on his regional ministry tour. Libby had taken up office last October. In a question on prayer concerns local Christians could share, he added his observation that Singapore, though geographically small, has a ‘huge’ influence on missions mobilisation.

“Singapore historically has been… almost a missionary sending base for various organisations – not just TWR but other organisations as well in the last 40 or 50 years,” he said. Adding that the missions effort from Singapore is “incredible”, he went on to say: “I know Singaporeans all over the world that have answered the call to worldwide missions.” And this is due to the fact that Singapore has an economic and faith base, he said, making it a “great place to have a springboard for the rest of Asia”.

During and even at the end of the interview, the enthusiastic former Navigators leader exhorted Singapore believers to respond to the missionary call of God by first realising “the resources that have been put at their disposal”.

“You never have enough – but when you look at what Singapore is versus other places; if you go to Cambodia and other places, Singapore is a virtual hotbed of resources and potential missions activity.”

Believing mass media to be one of the best ways to “blaze” new trails of the Gospel in places with unreached people groups, Libby presented TWR as a viable option to respond to the calling of God to fulfill the Great Commission of the Lord Jesus Christ.

See the full transcript of the CP interview with Lauren Libby

Article reproduced with the permission of The Christian Post (Singapore edition)