In the weeks following typhoons Ondoy and Pepeng, the TWR-Philippines team had battled bad weather and dangerous terrain to bring relief to the people of Benguet in spite of their own weariness. From providing hot food to tired rescuers and homeless evacuees, the team progressed to distributing essentials to help the people rebuild their lives. So far, about 200 families had received the items, which include canned goods, rice, household items and clothes.

Please continue to pray for the following:

1. Thank God for protecting and sustaining the team over the past weeks, as they met the needs of the typhoon victims.

2. Strength and energy for the TWR-Philippines team as they strive to serve more people.

3. The people who have lost their homes, that they will be able to rebuild their lives as soon as possible.

For more detailed updates about the relief operations by TWR-Philippines, please visit their website.