Dear Friends of TWR,

During a season when the theme of giving thanks is on many people’s minds, I feel a huge sense of gratitude for what God is doing in the ministry of TWR. There are many reasons for this but there is one blessing in particular that I want to share with you today.

Some special friends of the ministry have provided us with a very generous gift of US$200,000 to help us meet our year-end financial needs so that we can finish 2009 on solid financial footing.

With this gift comes a challenge to other friends and supporters to equal their contribution by December 31st, the end of our fiscal year. We praise God for these who have warmly challenged us because, obviously, the Lord has touched their hearts to do this. They have run their part of the relay race, so to speak, and have handed us the baton for the final lap. Now we have the opportunity to bring home the victory!

The response of our TWR family is so very vital because this gift and the opportunity it brings will go a long way toward meeting our end-of-year financial needs, which frankly, are quite substantial. The truth is that it will take a real outpouring of support in the next few weeks to help us finish 2009 in the black.

There are new opportunities coming in 2010 that we have dreamt about and prayed about for a number of years that we still hope to accomplish—every one of them will also depend on the support of friends like you who believe in this work.

Therefore, it is important that we realize the full benefit of this US$200,000 year-end Challenge Gift. For TWR to close the current year in good shape, we need you to respond to this challenge gift opportunity.

So, could I ask you to please make a generous gift to TWR today, for the sake of the gospel and the millions who need to hear of Christ’s love? Please visit Thank you!

Warmly in Christ,
Lauren Libby