14 months, seven meetings, and many hours of hard work later, the new contract between TWR and SLBC (Sri Lanka Broadcasting Corporation) was officially signed on 12 January 2010 at SLBC’s headquarters in Colombo.

 “TWR has had a good partnership with SLBC for the last 33 years,” says Sebastian Chan, International Director of TWR-Asia. “The signing of the new contract is a testament to those years of cooperation, collaboration and trust. It is a privilege to be working with SLBC. We look forward to more years of working together, and are excited to see what possibilities the future brings for both TWR and SLBC.”

Led by Werner Kroemer, TWR’s Vice President of Global Operations, the five-man, multinational team concluded the negotiations after months of intense discussion and signed the contract in front of television cameras.

“Through the entire process, we saw God’s hand at work in many ways – both big and small,” says David Butler, TWR-Asia’s Director of Ministry Operations. “We rejoice in these things, that they all came together. We continue to believe that God is moving in our ministry to South Asia, and we have another three years to reach the people of South Asia.”

The new contract takes effect on 1 Feb 2010, and will run for the next three years with an option to extend it for a further two years. TWR-Asia currently broadcasts a total of 77 programs in 24 languages via SLBC’s MW station in Puttalam.

“Radio is still the best way to reach the masses, but we look forward to augmenting the radio broadcasts by connecting with the listeners through the internet, mobile phones, and other means of communication,” added David Butler. “Christ is transforming lives in South Asia through His word, and causing these lives to bear fruit. We rejoice that God has blessed us and allowed us to be a part of this.”