TWR-Indonesia and TWR-Australia have just completed the pilot phase of a joint project known as the Joint Holistic Project (JHP) in April 2010.

The JHP aims to bring about greater change in the lives of individuals, families and communities in Indonesia. This would be done mainly through education programs promoting health messages over radio and video, listener and cell group ministries, as well as community development initiatives designed to help people from dysfunctional physical, emotional and spiritual circumstances in which they find themselves.

The first phase was carried out in Kalimantan, Sumatra, Java and Bali in order to assess the feasibility of the project. The success and future sustainability of the project was based on a number of criteria, including an increase in the number of listener groups and the flow-on influence of these groups as community building agents, an increase in the number of hours of programming, and an increase in the number of distribution networks.

The listening programs are aimed at meeting the needs of the very poor across Indonesia, as well as young parents from impoverished backgrounds. The outcome of the pilot phase was positive, and people responded well to the programs and the outreach efforts.

For Phase Two, TWR-Australia and TWR-Indonesia aim to take the project further with new initiatives including building more listener groups and cell groups in more areas. Additional aims include, increasing the frequency of the programs, airing them over more FM stations in Indonesia, as well as developing the video ministry to complement the radio and on-the-ground outreach efforts.

“The JHP is a project which brings hope to the people of Indonesia, and gives them an opportunity for life-change”, said Freddy Makitan, TWR-Indonesia’s Ministry Director. “Combining the media ministry (radio and video) with the ministry on the ground helps make the project more effective.”

“It’s a very special partnership”, said Garrison Pearse, the new National Director for TWR-Australia. “Like never before, we are able to invest our resources into a country like Indonesia in a very dynamic and meaningful way, enabling the gospel to have a broader impact in terms of spiritual renewal and social transformation, which in turn allows us to invest in similar TWR partnerships in other countries in the future.”

Bob Simpson, an exceptional champion of the mission, established the JHP partnership with Freddy Makitan during his five year term as the previous TWR-Australia National Director. His enthusiasm and commitment to Indonesia is such that he has remained an important member of the Australian team. As Garrison seeks to take TWR-Australia to the next level in terms of ministry growth, opportunities and effectiveness, Bob has taken up the specific responsibility for developing the ongoing growth of the JHP with Indonesia toward project self-sustainability.

“It was during my first visit to Indonesia in 2005, that the opportunity for working together on a project came about. I was really inspired by Freddy’s visionary thinking, particularly his passion for Jesus and for Indonesia. We all wanted to make a difference which would see transformation across generations”, said Bob. “My prayer is that the JHP with Indonesia will be so effective and lasting that we may be able to contribute to other countries that are also in deep need of social transformation. I also pray that the lessons we have learnt from this project, will also help meet the great spiritual needs here in Australia.”

Added Freddy, “I praise the Lord that Bob and Garrison both have a burden and the heart to reach the Indonesian people not only for their salvation in Christ, but to help bring them to a higher quality of life. Their hearts are filled with the love and grace of the Lord Jesus Christ, and this love then overflows to the people of Indonesia.”