TWR-Nepal and Awana International recently joined forces to begin a new children’s program called Balbatika in the Nepali language. Balbatika was successfully launched in April 2010 over five different local FM stations. The 15-minute dramatized Bible-story program currently airs twice a week. Balbatika was introduced and promoted in villages, orphanages, schools and churches in the east, central, west and mid-west areas of Nepal in June 2010.

The program aims to address the social, physical and spiritual aspects of children in Nepal through mass media and practical action on the ground. TWR’s hope is that children become empowered, educated, uplifted and brought into the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. They will also be nourished in the word of God and be taught ethics and values based on a solid Christian foundation. Ideally, this will nurture them to become good citizens for the nation, as well as faithful and mighty witnesses for the Lord Jesus Christ in order to bring glory and honor to him.

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