Imagine this.

You are feeling lost, depressed, and alone. You have no one to turn to for help, and do not know what to do. All of a sudden, your mobile phone beeps to indicate a new message. You pick up your phone to read the message and find that it is a Bible verse. As you read the message, you begin to feel encouraged, that there is hope and life is worth living.

That was how two foreign workers in Singapore felt, before they received a daily verse from HopeSMS.

HopeSMS is a newly launched service by TWR-Asia*. A Bible verse is sent directly to subscriber’s mobile phones in English or Mandarin every day, together with an encouraging word.

Wang, a female worker from China said in her reply, “You have been faithful in sending me a Bible verse every day. To be honestly, I could not concentrate on reading the Bible one chapter a day. But one verse a day is easier for me to understand and remember. Many times when I felt discouraged or lonely, the verse spoke to me. From this, I know that God has not given up on me.”

A partner who works with migrant Indian workers in Singapore, also shared an encouraging response about a testimony he received from a construction worker.

“It is good to see that HopeSMS is working. Our work is not in vain. Yesterday one of the workers called to share that he was depressed and he felt pain and emptiness in his heart. Just at that moment, the message from HopeSMS reached his mobile. He read it and was greatly blessed. When I heard this, we praised our God. In the days to come, we hope to see more souls being blessed by HopeSMS.”

If you would like to receive HopeSMS on your mobile phone, and be blessed daily by God’s Word, please subscribe here.

Note: Thank you for your interest in HopeSMS. We regret that we are no longer able to continue HopeSMS. The link above to sign-up for HopeSMS is no longer valid. To receive updates about our ministry, you may wish to subscribe to our e-newsletter or Facebook page.


*HopeSMS is currently only available in Singapore.