SOTA’s new look!

CHINA — Seminary On The Air (SOTA), one of TWR’s most popular programs, now has a new online home!

SOTA is a three-year radio seminary program that provides systematic training for church pastors and lay leaders. The program has been on air for more than 10 years, and has taught biblical doctrines and life applications via shortwave radio. More recently, it was made available on the Internet. Since then, the website has undergone a makeover and can now be accessed at

The new website is more user-friendly, and continues to provide current students with valuable information on the course curriculum and downloadable resources, as well as registration details for potential students.

Through the years, SOTA has equipped many church leaders with sound biblical teachings and materials. The opportunities to go to a seminary are limited for most of them, and SOTA has proven to be a valuable resource.

The three-year curriculum comprises topics such as Old and New Testament Survey, Systematic Theology, Church History, Education and Administration, Biblical Counseling, Sermon Preparation, Missions and Evangelism as well as Apologetics. Students are also guided on how to pastor a church, teach from the Bible, provide basic counseling, and how to manage a church.

A sister-in-Christ shared recently about how SOTA had benefited her ministry.

“I am deeply grateful for SOTA. If I had not enrolled in the course, I would not have known how to begin serving in my ministry at all. With what I have learnt, I am able to mentor my sisters and brothers-in-Christ in understanding His Word. With God’s guidance, my ministry’s work has progressed smoothly.”

We give thanks to God, and praise Him for the lasting fruits that are borne through SOTA!

To help us equip more church leaders, consider giving to SOTA.