Endeavoring to effectively reach millions of Bengali-, Nepali- and Tamil-speaking residents, TWR India’s strategic Interactive Voice Response (IVR) Mobile Project is providing biblically-based messages of hope and encouragement to mobile phone users. More than 642,000 calls were received in 2014.

Thought for the Day and Promise for the Day are two-minute prerecorded messages designed to uplift and minister to people from all walks of life, particularly those who feel spiritually or emotionally bankrupt. After listening, callers have an option of talking to a counselor or leaving a response. An added feature involves a gospel message and opportunity for the caller to accept Christ as Savior.

As of May 2014, India had the world’s second-largest active mobile-phone base with over 938 million users. The growth, penetration and familiarity that people in India have with mobile phones make the technology an ideal platform for delivering information and services.

TWR India’s content is structured to cater to a wide category of audiences and is values-based as well as biblical. In addition, this special content had been able to maintain a huge number of regular callers/listeners who take time almost every day to listen to the programs.

Responses to the mobile outreach have been forthright. Consider this candid reaction: “A girl who traveled with me told me about this telephone ministry… It was a surprise for me that I was listening to the Christian message. I come from a non-Christian background, and I hate Christianity and Christians. But the message was really touching, and I started to listen to it regularly. Kindly pray for me.”

TWR broadcasts in 65 languages and dialects over radio, Internet and other platforms in India. On average, TWR India receives 20,000 listener responses each month.  These come from people in various walks of life—rural, urban, educated, uneducated, young, old, male, female, impoverished, drug dependent, depressed, blind and illiterate, as well as those in prison and hospitals. Staff in 56 audience-relation centers spread across the country respond to every query of the listeners.

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