KOREA — In a first for TWR, Memoranda of Understanding (MOU) were signed with Handong Global University (HGU) and Global Partners (GP) at their respective offices in South Korea.

The signing of both MOUs was the culmination of almost three years of behind-the-scenes research, hard work, and negotiations. The idea for the partnerships were first birthed in 2008, when it was recognized that there was a need to look at recruiting missionaries for TWR’s global ministry from so-called “new sending countries” to meet the growing demand of missionaries globally. This is not an issue that is unique to TWR, as ministries have traditionally relied mainly on Western countries for missionaries.

Research was done to better understand if there were ways to recruit missionaries from new sending countries for TWR’s ministry globally. South Korea was identified as a main possibility as it has a strong history of being a missionary sending country. Also, the passion and devotion of many young Korean missionaries had caught the attention of people around the world.

Through the agreement with HGU, its students will be provided with opportunities to gain experience for global ministry through TWR in Africa, America, Asia and Europe. This experience would be an asset to the students not only in terms of missionary work, but also in helping them understand how a media ministry functions and how media can be used to reach people for Christ.

While the partnership with GP also involves the preparation and sending of missionaries to support TWR’s ministry worldwide, there is an added element of sharing resources and expertise. This is because GP is an interdenominational missions agency with over 220 missionaries based in 30 countries, and they have an intensive eight-month cross-cultural training in place.

“20 years ago, there were hardly any Christian organizations in North America and in Asia who formed partnerships with one another. However, today there are many agreements and partnerships that have been signed, and new ones being formed,” said TWR-Korea’s National Director, Rev Cha Youngchul. “The reason for this is because organizations now realize the importance of cooperation. It is biblical for mission organizations to partner one another, as the body of Christ is made up of many parts with different gifts and functions, as can be seen from 1 Corinthians 12.”

President of HGU, Dr Young-Gil Kim, said

“We are pleased to partner TWR. I believe that the internship opportunities with TWR will provide our students with meaningful and valuable hands-on experience with various projects and help them develop a perspective on missions. It is our great pleasure to contribute to the works that TWR is doing to further God’s Kingdom.”

We thank God for this special opportunity to partner not just one, but two, South Korean ministries, and serve together for the glory of His Kingdom!