In the year of King Uzziah’s death, I saw the Lord sitting on a throne, lofty and exalted, with His robe filling the temple… Isaiah 6:1

The requests listed below are gathered each week from around Asia.  Please be aware that several of our countries are very much closed to communications about the Gospel.  As a result we would ask that along with these requests you also pray for the safety, security and health of our teams in these areas.

Northeast Asia

Daizhan, China (pop: 13,200) is a UPG (unreached people group) in Yunnan province, officially categorized under the ‘Yi’ minority. The Daizhan people are predominantly animists. Some practice ancestor worship too. There are no known believers among them. From end Oct this year, we will begin airing dramatized Bible stories to lift up Jesus among the Daizhan—pray that God would deliver them from fears and transform their minds with His truth.

South Asia:

One of the frequently asked questions is, “Why do we call Jesus the Son of God?”  In a Muslim worldview Jesus is only one of the prophets.  Pray for the listeners in this region who are hearing maybe for the first time about the life and death of our Lord.  Pray for the programs being produced that they can lead the listeners through the scriptures to find out for themselves who Jesus really is.

Southeast Asia:

Pray for our team in Vietnam as they seek a place to have an office that they can work together in.

Pray for the work in Cambodia with children.  The programs are very well received.  Many write notes of how they have been bless.  Would you remember these precious ones as you pray.

Asia Regional Support Services:

Would you pray for our Golf Challenge 2014 this next week.  It it one of our major fundraisers for the year.  This year the funds will go to support the ministry of Speaking Hope to Indonesia.  With over 17,000 islands in the country, the task is great.  This is where radio is so effective.  Small groups meet in homes to listen to the programs together.  Please remember them as you pray.