“You are my refuge and my shield; I have put my hope in your word.” — Psalm 119:114 (NIV)

Asia Service Center

1. Pray for all who are involved in support-raising in one way or another. May God continue to strengthen their faith and show them his providence.

2. Pray for staff and their family members who are not feeling well, that they will be strengthened and get back their health once again.

3. Pray for the upcoming season change for broadcasts from Guam, and that everything will be smooth.


1. Pray for raising up of Australian missionaries for TWR globally, and that God will send the right people for the various positions in TWR-Australia.

2. Pray for generous response to the recent direct mail campaign.

3. Pray for good attendance and response at each engagement, as we share about TWR-Asia’s China ministry at churches in Australia.


1. Praise God for His protection on our team as they traveled to visit listeners in different provinces.

2. Pray for safety and provision for those living in low-lying areas, and who have been affected by the flood. Pray also for God?s protection that the rice fields will not be affected, and that there will be a harvest.


1. Pray for the senior high school students who will be taking their national college entrance examinations. Pray for the Lord?s strength, wisdom and peace to be with them.

2. Pray for pastors in the rural areas, that God will provide a channel for them to continue to learn more about His word. Pray that they will be able to minister to both the young and old and meet their needs as the youth move to the city in search for better paying jobs.


1. Praise God that the new TX6 water pump has arrived on Guam. Pray for the TX6 water pump installation. This will require modifications to the transmitter.

2. Pray for the team as they work to complete and finalize the changes for the new transmitter before the season change.


1. Praise God for the fruitful listener meetings in various states across India.

2. Pray for the evaluation and planning meeting this week, which will be attended by ministry leaders from all the other states.


1. Pray for God?s wisdom and journey mercies as the ministry leaders travel and meet with local stations and churches to explore partnership opportunities.

2. Praise God for existing partnerships with local and overseas churches for ministry work in Indonesia. Pray that more such partnerships will be built.


1. Pray for our Japan coordinator and a partner as they work on content for the counseling program, for those who are still affected by the disaster. Pray that the Lord will guide and lead every step of the process, and provide the funds needed to begin and sustain the project.

Thailand / Laos

1. Pray for God?s protection to be upon the team. Pray that the Lord will bless and lead them in a special way. Pray also for ministry support.

2. Pray for the new believers in Laos, that they will grow in Jesus Christ and seek God more and more. Pray also for the pastor, that God will give him wisdom, strength in Jesus, and protection.