“A happy heart makes the face cheerful…the cheerful heart has a continual feast.” — Proverbs 15:13,15 (NIV)

Asia Service Center

1. Pray for wisdom as the leadership, staff and ministry teams in TWR-Asia make plans and budget for 2012.

2. Pray for good response for the August 2011 appeal.

3. Pray for speedy recovery and good health for staff and their family members who are ill, or who have undergone surgery recently.


1. Pray for a generous response to the August Appeal which focused on TWR’s ministry to Youth and Children.

2. Pray for renewal and encouragement of TWR-Australia personnel as they strive to increase the impact of TWR-Australia.

3. Pray for commitments in response to the recruitment of Australians for missionary service.

4. Pray for funding to establish the fundraising and Project Hannah positions.


1. Thank God that work on Transmitter 6 has progressed to the point where the team was able to carry out tests.

2. Pray for the final adjustments that are being made to the broadcast schedule for the new season (October 2011 – March 2012).


1. From the results of a survey, 600 million Indians still do not have access to electricity. Please pray that there will be initiatives taken, so that all the villages in India will have electricity, thus bringing an overall development in the villages.

2. Pray for the 20 Project Hannah groups that were started this year. The CDs of the Women of Hope (Hindi) program have been given to these
ladies. Pray that many more groups will be formed, and as a result of which, women may come to the saving knowledge of Christ.

3. Pray for the prayer groups that have been formed, and that we would be able to encourage women across the country to start new ones.

Thailand & Laos

1. Pray for wisdom and discernment in decision making and for good physical health as our team continues to support the growth of the ministry in Thailand.

2. Pray for the co-workers who carry out ministry work in Thailand and Laos, for their safety and good health.