“For no matter how many promises God has made, they are ‘Yes’ in Christ. And so through him the ‘Amen’ is spoken by us to the glory of God.”
— 2 Corinthians 1:20 (NIV)

Regional Support Services

1.Pray for wisdom and discernment for our leaders who are making key decisions in new plans and projects for ministry development.

2.Pray for protection and journey mercies for staff traveling for work.


1.Pray for good listeners’ responses toward the programs broadcast.

2.Pray for open doors to share the Gospel during the upcoming public holidays.

3.Pray for safety, good health and wisdom for the team.


1.Pray for smooth journeys and safety for the millions of migrant workers traveling back from the cities to their hometowns for the Lunar New Year.

2.Pray for provision and protection for the poor and needy as the climate turns cooler. Pray for good health and strength for our staff during winter.

3.Pray for good reception of the broadcast of the programs and that listeners will be able to listen clearly even in remote places. Pray that the listeners will understand the messages.

4.Pray for new co-workers to serve with the ministry as program voiceover and other roles as well.

5.Pray for wisdom and divine guidance for the ministry leaders in devising strategic plans for ministry development to reach out to the masses.


1.Praise God that all technical installation has been done successfully. Pray that the rest of the technical work will be smooth.

2.Pray for protection and good health of staff and their family members. Pray for speedy recovery for staff and their family members who are sick.

3.Pray for journey mercies and strength for staff who are traveling to attend conferences and meetings.

4.Pray for successful fund-raising and provision for the co-workers in the team.

India/ Sri Lanka

1.Pray for rain in Maharashtra province as the drought has resulted in farmers giving up hope of paying their debts and ending their lives. Pray for blessings on the farmers’ land and crops.

2.Praise God for blessing the family seminars held in various places. Pray that the upcoming youth camp and radio home seminar will be able to minister effectively to the participants.


1.Praise God for bringing in faithful donors to support the ministry. Pray for creativity and favor for fundraising initiatives to bring in new donors and sponsors.


1.Pray for wisdom and strength for the ministry leader who is preparing various projects for ministry development.

2.Praise God for opening doors to potential partnerships. Pray that God will provide us with resources for the projects.


1.Pray for good health, strength and wisdom for the team.

2.Pray for favor and wisdom in the meetings with the potential partners.


1.Pray for safety, guidance and resourcefulness for the staff and ministry leaders.


1.Pray that more listeners will be drawn to tune-in to our new partner stations. Pray that they will be blessed and transformed by the messages.

2.Pray for smooth setup of the new ministries that will reach out to the prisoners.

3.Pray for guidance and wisdom in drawing up the annual ministry’s action plans.


1.Pray for blessings for our volunteers who help in the translation of messages.

2.Pray for safety and spirit of discernment of our listeners and our workers who paid visits to them.

3.Pray for good reception of our program broadcasts. Pray for open hearts in the young people and teachers as they receive our programs in CDs in schools and churches.

4.Pray for strength and comfort for the married women who are hurt by their spouse’s infidelity. Pray for wisdom, protection and strength for the Christian leaders who are imprisoned.


1.Pray for funding for producing the youth programs and the training of church leaders.