“The LORD is good to everyone; He showers compassion on all his creation.” — Psalm 145:9 (NIV)

Asia Service Center (Singapore)

1. Pray for God’s wisdom to be upon the Asia Media Services team as they are conducting training for external guests this week.

2. Please pray for our children’s ministry coordinator as she is working to show what the Lord has done in TWR’s ministry around the world. Pray for the 4/14 Global Summit which will be held in Singapore from 6-9 September. Asia’s, Venezuela’s, and Africa’s children’s ministry will be showcased at this summit.

3. Pray for God’s wisdom and discernment to be upon HR and the recruiting department leaders as they process incoming applications, shortlist and interview candidates for various positions. Pray that the Lord will speak clearly to those He wants to fill the positions with, that they will hear and respond to His call.


1. Praise the Lord for first stage funding for starting the Australian Project Hannah national role! Pray that the remaining funding come by the end of June.

2. Pray for Australians to hear the call of God to serve as missionaries for TWR across various countries. Pray for the development of TWR Australia’s capacity, with new volunteers and interns helping to raise funds, awareness and ministry.


1. Pray for the programs that are being broadcast over 17 FM stations in Cambodia, as well as other projects. Pray that these programs and projects will receive the necessary funds, so that they can continue to minister to the listeners.

2. Pray for pastors of the various churches in Cambodia, that they will continue to receive wisdom and strength from God even as they serve and shepherd their flock.

3. Pray for the production of the Happy Children’s Garden program, especially for the producers, that they will have creativity in script-writing, recording, and mixing.

4. Pray for safety for the team in Cambodia as they travel to visit listeners in different provinces. Pray for the team, that they will also have the support of their families as they serve the Lord in Cambodia.


1. Pray for all our listeners in China, that they will find time to listen to God’s Word. Pray that the Holy Spirit will minister to them in their situations.

2. Our orality broadcast has to change frequency from 5 June due to interference. Pray that all the listeners will hear about the change and be quick to tune in to the new frequency. Pray that no listener will be lost and that the new frequency would receive strong and clear signals.

3. Companies are optimistic about the Chinese Internet market. They are willing to invest more for business development. Please pray that the Internet will be an avenue for us to share the Good News more. Pray that the Internet team will have more creative ideas to ride on this wave as they minister to Chinese-speaking netizens.


1. Praise God that the Griffith family has come from Nebraska to help for several days at the station!

2. Praise the Lord for safe travel for a few of the team members, as they returned safely from Saipan.

3. Pray for safety in painting, electrical work, and other maintenance work happening this week at KTWR.


1. Pray for good cooperation and partnerships with local churches in Indonesia, and that our listeners will be channels of blessing to their churches.

2. Pray for wisdom for the management team in Indonesia, even as they oversee and manage the various aspects of TWR’s ministry in Indonesia.

3. Pray for God’s protection and blessing to be upon each and every listener coordinator in Indonesia.


1. Praise God that the response to TWR-Vietnam’s website has been good. Praise the Lord for good reception for the various programs.

2. Thank God that many poor listeners now have a chance to hear the Word of God and be transformed, thanks to the radios that were made available to them.

3. Praise the Lord as many listeners have given positive feedback about how the Women of Hope program and materials have been of great encouragement to them. Pray for God’s wisdom and strength to be upon the women’s ministry coordinators as they look to expand the ministry of Project Hannah.

4. Thank God for the opportunity to introduce TWR to churches in Vietnam, even as they celebrate 100 years of the gospel coming to Vietnam.

5. Pray for God’s protection to be upon our staff as they will be making trips to the field in June. Pray for safe and fruitful trips.