Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; old things have passed away; behold, all things have become new.  2 Cor.  5:17

             The requests listed below are gathered each week from around Asia.  Please be aware that several of our countries are very much closed to communications about the Gospel.  As a result we would ask that along with these requests you also pray for the safety, security and health of our teams in these areas.

Northeast Asia:

  1. Pray for volunteers to be raised up in Taiwan to participate in the   Hakka production, especially the voice of Jesus.  May the LORD handpick the most suitable  voice in His Church to represent His Son in this production.
  2. Praise the LORD for providing resources for the SON-Lift Project!   In the past two months God has moved a number of donors to give generously to the project. We are so encouraged. May the LORD reward these donors and fill them up to the brim with His goodness.
  3. Praise God that  CTTB (Cantonese Thru the Bible) is already online on the TTB website. May  God’s Word be a blessing to the Cantonese speakers.
  4. Praise God that  the Family Life (FL) programs in Mandarin are also available online in our  TWR360 website, and may God bless the Chinese family, especially the  Christian fathers and mothers so that they can bring up their children in a godly manner.
  5. Pray for the  work that is being done on the SON-Lift project.  It is a blessing to see financial  support coming in for this work.   Pray for those who are writing and translating the scripts and for  more workers to join in.
  6.  Pray for content providers for the ministry in the Tohoku region (NE Japan area).   We hope to have 2 more new programs next year if the Lord opens doors.


Southeast Asia:

  1. Giving radios to more listeners in the countryside and highland is a very good way to build up the faith of believers there but we are running out of funds. Pray for God’s provision.
  2. Continue to pray for the people of the Philippines that have been deeply affected by the typhoon.  Pray for our TWR team as they work to gather needed supplies and distribute these where they are needed.  Pray for their safety as they travel to the affected areas.

South Asia:

  1. Pray for the National Meet from January 24 to 26 in Chennai. We are expecting about 1000 Radio Home leaders and Volunteers. Pray for those organizing the logistics and for travel mercies for those travelling from across the country.
  2. We began broadcasting programs across the island of Sri Lanka in January.  Pray for many Sri Lankan’s to put their trust in Jesus as they receive his Good News messages in Sinhala, their heart language.
  3. Pray for the PANI Project.   We had a successful first broadcast, bringing the “Water of Life” to this spiritually dry area.  Pray for the leaders and staff as they work together to fine tune the antenna.  Pray for the safely of the teams and their families in this region.


  1.  Thank God for the many ministry partners who faithfully support the ministry of TWR.  As we start a new year, our 60th anniversary year, we look forward to hearing many testimonies of how the TWR programs help minister to needs of people all around Asia.
  2. Pray for our team on Guam, as the engineering and installation details need to be worked out for the KTWR solar power project.
  3. Pray for good progress for the KTWR (Guam) site preparation work for the new antenna switches.