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60th Anniversary

  • Couple ‘Make a Name’ for Themselves with TWR

    “I understand that the island of Bonaire is very pretty. Should I ever have the opportunity to visit, I would like to visit TWR.”

  • Let Freedom Ring

    I thought that for God to love a wretch like me was out of the question, until I started listening to TWR…

  • Traditionally Divided, Spiritually United

    INDIA — Rani contemplated ending it all, but God had other plans…

  • From Another Faith

    CHINA — A few kindly visits when he felt the most isolated opened the door while Gospel broadcasts provided the explanation as this member of an ethic minority in China turned to Christ…

  • God Is Calling Me Back

    CAMBODIA — Letdown. Frustration. Disillusionment. These are some words used to describe us when we are disappointed. But God never leaves our side…

  • Restored Through Love and Peace

    VIETNAM — Mary’s world came crashing down, but she never expected that her life was about to be transformed overnight through a radio program…