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Church Leadership

  • Walking In The Light

    INDIA — “We wanted to know more about the truth of Jesus Christ and the salvation that is offered through Him…”

  • Fullness in Christ

    NEPAL — Kamal’s family and friends were not happy when he decided to follow Jesus…

  • Feeding The Flock

    CAMBODIA – What can pastors do, when their congregation’s spiritual hunger is too great?

  • Building Believers

    VIETNAM – In parts of Vietnam, believers do not have access to Bibles or Bible study materials. How do they get spiritual nourishment?

  • He Is Faithful

    INDIA – Abha’s life opened up to a whole new chapter one night ten years ago…

  • Finding Hidden Treasure

    CHINA — We received a heart-warming letter from Hua, who lives in China and listens faithfully to the Seminary on the Air (SOTA) program…

  • What He Makes Out of You

    VIETNAM — “Since April 2008, I started sharing my testimony with people around me. I also began planting home churches,” said Pastor Cha…

  • Rekindling The Fire

    CHINA — A student of Seminary On The Air wrote recently to share how God had helped him through a dry period in his ministry and spiritual life…

  • He Has Changed My Life

    INDIA — "I was frustrated… I had so many questions, but I could not find any answers…" Read on and see how this man found the answers he was seeking.

  • Giving Thanks For Spiritual Fathers

    CHINA — A preacher from Jiangsu province in China sent us a letter to share how TWR’s programs have helped him for the past 20 years…

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