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  • Deep Learning, Encouraged Sharing

    TWR Country Focus: Colombia

    “You make the deep study of each of the books of the Bible accessible to the common man. Therefore, you not only preach the gospel of Christ but also edify believers.”

  • The Legacy of Gospel Radio

    Many listeners complete one five-year cycle of the late J. Vernon McGee’s “bus trip” on Thru the Bible and immediately climb aboard for another tour. This message from a listener in Colombia exemplifies it’s not unusual for this Bible-study habit to be handed down in families.

  • Early Listening Plants Lasting Seeds

    Lessons learned young often have the longest-lasting impact.

  • Finding God Far from Civilization

    I thank the Almighty for your program. … My opinion of the program is that it is exquisite spiritual food.

  • Real as the Air I Breathe

    I always listened to the radio, and one day as I was searching the dial, I tuned in to a song that I liked and realized that it was Christian. I continued listening to the station and began to listen to the messages.

  • Broadcast Brings Life-Changing News to Drug Lord

    I almost looked to see if the man was standing beside my mattress speaking to me personally. He covered virtually my whole life.

  • Couple ‘Make a Name’ for Themselves with TWR

    “I understand that the island of Bonaire is very pretty. Should I ever have the opportunity to visit, I would like to visit TWR.”