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  • Showing Mercy, Not Condemnation

    TWR Country Focus: Eritrea

    Arsema did everything she could think of to get her husband to fight and overcome his alcohol addiction…

  • Family Listens Together, Worships Together

    Every night a listener’s mom would gather the children around the table to hear TWR’s broadcast to Eritrea and pray that her dad would one day come join the family in listening to the Bible programs.

  • The Voice of Hope

    A paralyzed middle age man tells us his story from Eritrea.

  • A New Creation

    Her friends were determined to see her waste her life and they were pushing her deeper and deeper into morality.

  • My Children Pointed The Way To Christ

    Be alert and watchful…God is speaking through different ways, ways that you may not expect.

  • Reaching Youth In India

    How do you reach more than 600 million youth in India, of whom 70 million speak English as their second language?