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Extending The Reach

  • Ministering to Mobile Internet Users

    CHINA — TWR’s Chinese Internet Ministry receives numerous encouraging testimonies from the listeners of their programs regularly…

  • Speaking Hope through SD cards

    INDIA — ?I did not know the living God. There was no peace in my life, and everything I did seemed meaningless. Life was a struggle.? There is great spiritual impoverishment in many villages in India. One of the challenges that TWR-India faces is getting the Word of God out in a cost-effective manner. Radio […]

  • Short Messages of Hope

    SINGAPORE — If you’ve been living in Singapore, you’ll know that the country relies heavily on migrant workers – especially for filling jobs in the construction industry. Many of these laborers are from China and India, seeking to earn a better living for themselves and their families back home…

  • Bringing the Word to the Masses

    INDIA — “Before I started to listen to your program I had many bad habits, like drinking and smoking. To satisfy my craving for these habits, I used to even sell the things in the home…Nevertheless, when I came to know about your program and started to listen, God touched my heart and I experienced a great change in my life…”

  • A New Opportunity

    CHINA — “This is my first time using the internet on my mobile phone. Thank you for your efforts in making God’s Word available to us. I have benefited from the rich diversity of your programs. You help me understand the Word…”

  • India | Reaching the Indian Diaspora

    “Thank you for the programs which are very helpful for my spiritual life. I was feeling lonely and dry when I learnt about the Telugu messages on the internet and have been listening to them regularly…"


  • China | “I Wept When I Got Your Letter”

    “I wept alone as I prayed to God every day…” Calling herself ‘Happy Fish’, a listener told us about her journey with God in a 2500-word letter.

  • TWR’s Chinese Internet Ministry

    “Ever since God provided me with a computer, I have been studying the Bible online almost everyday. I am very thankful that God allowed me to learn from home. I have been listening to your Bible study course and it has been very beneficial to me. Please pray for me, for God to prepare me for full-time ministry…”

  • China | The Word For Today

    Not all our listeners are within China; some have ventured out of their motherland to serve God. Here is a letter from Zhe Ying, who listens to “The Word For Today” in Mandarin via www.ktwr.net…

  • China | Awake With The Angels

    Qian Ling is a listener of our program, Awake With The Angels, and we have been exchanging letters on a regular basis. In one of her letters, she wrote…