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Happy Children’s Garden

  • Only by grace


    Prak and his wife serve the children in their village as Sunday school teachers at their local church. Read on to learn more about their testimony.

  • Letters from little ones


    “I am so happy that we have this program because we surely need it.”

  • Sharing hope one class at a time


    Find out how a dedicated volunteer is sharing God’s hope with primary school children, one class at a time!

  • A farmer’s faith


    Be encouraged by the faith of this farmer and his wife in spite of their circumstances!

  • Praying for good crops

    Find out why an 11-year-old listener in Cambodia is praying for a good harvest.

  • Cambodia team equips listener group leaders

    The TWR Cambodia team is equipping leaders to teach the next generation about Jesus.

  • Blessing Cambodian Children at Christmas

    CAMBODIA — Last December, children from three Cambodian villages had a special Christmas. A cell group from Singapore went on a week-long mission trip, and worked with TWR-Cambodia to bless about 1,000 children…

  • Let the Little Children Come to Him

    CAMBODIA — TWR-Cambodia’s children’s ministry team went on a field trip recently. Upon arrival at one of the villages, the team found that there were already more than 200 children eagerly awaiting their arrival…

  • Cambodia | Our Loving God Answers Prayers

    “My name is Penh and I am 18-years-old. Thank you so much for the wonderful Happy Children Garden’s program. I have listened to the program for six years. I am so appreciative to TWR-Cambodia team for always encouraging and praying for me and my family in the past six years. Now my family members have also started to listen to the programs, except my mother who has yet to come to know Jesus…”

  • Cambodia | Providing Spiritual and Physical Food

    “My name is Phanit, and I am 10-years-old. I like to listen to TWR-Cambodia’s children’s program, Happy Children’s Garden. I listen to the program together with the other children in my village. Today’s story helped me to know about the all-powerful God, who can do everything…”