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  • Making the gospel easy to understand


    “This story about Jesus has greatly blessed us. We can easily understand the story…”

  • Encouraging the weary


    Liza has been a long-suffering Christian. Disabled from a young age, she loved reading the Bible and took part in Church activities as much as she could…

  • Healed and saved


    When Nora was a teenager, she became very ill. Her parents brought her to see many doctors, and tried various treatments from both modern and traditional medicine. However, Nora did not get better – instead, her condition worsened…

  • Learning from Hannah


    Mia harbored jealousy, disappointment and pain in her heart from being childless for 15 years…

  • Called Back to the Amazing Jesus

    Sometimes God’s voice pours out of a radio speaker, as it did when Kuwat was called back to a closer walk with the Savior he had been ignoring.

  • A Humbling Experience

    Meet Nikki—an energetic young lady with a big heart for Jesus and an interest in video production. Read about her summer internship with TWR.

  • Daughter-in-Law Discovers Program

    Waty was deeply burdened because her son had left the faith when he got married…The situation stirred and encouraged her to stand firm in her faith.

  • Life Not Worthless Like Trash

    Many mock Halim as he collects trash for a living and yet he gives thanks to God everyday…find out how he does it.

  • Flowers and Yellow Rice

    Fear of an unknown curse gripped her as she looks for solutions. Read the story of how Vivi, a mother and wife, deals with witchcraft.

  • Golf Challenge 2014

    SINGAPORE — Participants of the TWR Asia Golf Challenge 2014 are helping provide more radios and audio devices to listeners across Indonesia as well as increasing the number of full-time listener coordinators. TWR has been broadcasting to the people of Indonesia since 2000 via FM stations and shortwave radio. By God’s grace, the ministry has […]

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