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  • Quest for the Missing Radio Programs

    Thomas knew there was something really significant about those gospel programs on the radio, and he wasn’t going to quit searching until he found them again.

  • Needing Employment, Needing Hope

    When a 27-year-old dispatcher in Nairobi, Kenya, was jobless and feeling worthless, the Word of God and his friends over the radio helped him keep going.

  • Visit Gives Blessing to Both Listener and Ministry

    The touching story of a man who was rescued from a fatal accident, and how he puts his hope in God.

  • The Story of Jirmo

    Early one morning 10 years ago, she received a phone call and was told that the father of her eight children had been attacked and killed by thugs while he was at work.

  • He Woke Up Paralyzed and Bitter

    Read one man’s story about how he went from bitterness to love through a TWR radio program…

  • After Silence, God Waiting with Open Arms

    During those 10 years, I suffered in silence. God came to change the story of my life…