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  • God gives me wisdom


    “I tried to read the Bible that my sister sent me but… there were many things I could not understand.” 

  • Only by grace


    Prak and his wife serve the children in their village as Sunday school teachers at their local church. Read on to learn more about their testimony.

  • Getting through to him


    One of Sav’s deepest wishes was for her husband would come to accept Jesus Christ too. The challenge was that he had never cared about God or religion, and she did not know how to get through to him.

  • I hope to help others


    “I noticed that I changed after listening to the word of God through your programs. I have also gained much more knowledge about the Lord…”

  • Letters from little ones


    “I am so happy that we have this program because we surely need it.”

  • Sharing hope one class at a time


    Find out how a dedicated volunteer is sharing God’s hope with primary school children, one class at a time!

  • A farmer’s faith


    Be encouraged by the faith of this farmer and his wife in spite of their circumstances!

  • Finding God’s plan in my golden years


    “I have found that God is the one who is faithful with what He has promised to His people.”

  • So the Prisoner May Be Free

    A passion for the unreached that led her to minister to prisoners. How does she do it? This is Bohpa’s story.

  • God Is Calling Me Back

    CAMBODIA — Letdown. Frustration. Disillusionment. These are some words used to describe us when we are disappointed. But God never leaves our side…

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