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  • Finding God’s plan in my golden years


    “I have found that God is the one who is faithful with what He has promised to His people.”

  • So the Prisoner May Be Free

    A passion for the unreached that led her to minister to prisoners. How does she do it? This is Bohpa’s story.

  • God Is Calling Me Back

    CAMBODIA — Letdown. Frustration. Disillusionment. These are some words used to describe us when we are disappointed. But God never leaves our side…

  • Showing God’s Love

    CAMBODIA — How are you inspired to show God’s love to those around you? A young man from Cambodia shares how…

  • Feeding The Flock

    CAMBODIA – What can pastors do, when their congregation’s spiritual hunger is too great?

  • Preventing Anger and Violence

    CAMBODIA — “I learnt about different kinds of reaction to anger, after listening to the program segment on It’s Yours. Based on what I heard from this lesson, I have been led to find a quiet place to pray…”

  • Who Can Help Me Overcome?

    CAMBODIA — I am Sitha, and I am a doctor and part-time pastor. I have been a listener of the Women of Hope programs since 2002. This is my story…

  • He is our Comfort

    CAMBODIA — Like many women around the world, Yee Kim has her share of troubles. Read about how she found comfort in Jesus…

  • Let the Little Children Come to Him

    CAMBODIA — TWR-Cambodia’s children’s ministry team went on a field trip recently. Upon arrival at one of the villages, the team found that there were already more than 200 children eagerly awaiting their arrival…

  • Back from the Brink of Death

    CAMBODIA — One of our staff in TWR-Cambodia shared this story with us recently. This is her account of how a visit to a remote village brought salvation to a sick girl, her family and the villagers…