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  • To Cambodia, With Love

    CAMBODIA — In an age of digital technology and communication tools such as email and instant messaging which connects the world almost instantaneously, it was heart-warming to know that children from Trinity Methodist Church (Singapore) were writing good old-fashioned Christmas cards and letters to their counterparts in Cambodia…

  • Cambodia | Letters From The Heart

    “This is a wonderful program that uplifts us as women. We really need more programs like this to encourage us in times of hardship. I used to worry incessantly but now, I give all my burdens to the Lord and ask Him to help me and forgive my sins…”

  • Cambodia | Our Loving God Answers Prayers

    “My name is Penh and I am 18-years-old. Thank you so much for the wonderful Happy Children Garden’s program. I have listened to the program for six years. I am so appreciative to TWR-Cambodia team for always encouraging and praying for me and my family in the past six years. Now my family members have also started to listen to the programs, except my mother who has yet to come to know Jesus…”

  • Cambodia | “I Used to Dislike Christianity”

    “I used to dislike Christianity, but then I found out that I was working for a Christian organization.”

    These are the words of Pheakdei, a middle-aged man who became the security guard at our Cambodian office in Phnom Penh. Truly, God works in mysterious ways…

  • Cambodia | Stranger in a Foreign Land

    Yoem Sinoun comes from a village in Kandal Province, Cambodia. She has five sisters and their father passed away some time ago. Yoem went to work in Malaysia to support her family. However, it was very difficult for her. It was not only physically demanding, but also took a toll on her emotionally and psychologically as she was far away from family and friends…

  • Cambodia | Providing Spiritual and Physical Food

    “My name is Phanit, and I am 10-years-old. I like to listen to TWR-Cambodia’s children’s program, Happy Children’s Garden. I listen to the program together with the other children in my village. Today’s story helped me to know about the all-powerful God, who can do everything…”

  • Cambodia | “Only God Can Comfort Me…”

    “My two older children have been working in Thailand for many years. However, ever since they went to Thailand, I have not heard anything from them. They seemed to have completely disappeared and there is no news of them…”

  • Cambodia | Seventy Times Seven

    “My name is ‘A’, and I am 16 years old. Thank you so much for producing this wonderful program, Happy Children’s Garden! I have listened to the Happy Children’s Garden program since last year. I love the songs and the Bible stories in it…”

  • Cambodia | Fighting to Remain Faithful

    “I am a soldier. I think is very difficult to be a soldier and to live as a Christian…”

  • Cambodia | So the Prisoner May Be Free

    ‘U’ is nearly 60-years-old, and the leader of a house church in Cambodia. Each week, she leads the 20-odd people who come together to worship God. This sister-in-Christ has a passion for the unreached, a passion that has led her behind bars – but not in the conventional sense of the word…