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  • KTWR turns 40!


  • Unpacking additional savings

    Guam gets more solar panels

    The KTWR team on Guam recently received a large shipment – a solar array.

  • Solar Panels To Help Reduce Costs

    GUAM — As you can probably imagine, running a radio station requires a lot of electricity. Broadcasting at up to 500 kilowatts (KW) over thousands of kilometers during peak hours — from Guam to China and other parts of Asia — tends to use quite a bit more power than the average home. As a […]

  • Love Asia by Radio Goal Met!

    Because of God’s provision through faithful and generous supporters like you, TWR is thrilled to announce that the goal to raise $690,000 for the Guam Transmitter Replacement project has not only been met – but exceeded!

  • Guam Transmitter Q & A

    Have questions about the Love Asia By Radio, Guam transmitter replacement project? Find the answers here!

  • Join us in Loving Asia by Radio

    After months of prayer and preparation, two containers made their way across the Pacific and arrived on Agatna, Guam from their former home in Darwin, Australia. What is so significant about these two containers? Read on to find out…

  • Jim McIntyre | Faith At 300 Feet

    Have you ever been suspended 300 feet in the air? Read about Jim McIntyre, one of our team members on Guam, and find out how that is all in a day’s work…