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Leading The Way

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    Good News!

    TWR Country Focus: Egypt

    When you discover something really special, you often feel like you can’t get enough of it…

  • Leading The Way | From darkness into the light

    TWR-Asia is thankful to God for being able to work with Leading The Way in reaching out to those in need of God’s Word…

  • Showing others the way

    VIETNAM — The following is a letter written by a Vietnamese listener, An, who has been a devoted listener of Leading the Way for some time…

  • Timely Messages

    INDIA — Amrita was delighted to share her experiences with the staff at TWR-India’s Counselling Centre after listening to her favourite program, Leading the Way, on radio. With a joyful expression, she said, “I love Leading the Way. It really meets my needs in a very timely manner…”

  • India | Challenged to Press On

    Raj was born into a Roman Catholic family. When he was a young boy, he had a desire to become a Catholic priest and he was heavily involved in church activities. However, when the time came for him to begin his training, he was rejected. It caused him great pain and disappointment…

  • Vietnam | Partnering Pastors to Provide Spiritual Food

    “I am Pastor N. I first came to know Jesus in a refugee camp. I was in a desperate situation then, and God held out his hand to me. After accepting Christ as my Savior, I was touched by the Holy Spirit. I was convicted to return to Vietnam, in order to preach His Word…”