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Mumunting Kutitap

  • Thuy | A Fisher of Men

    VIETNAM — This month, we speak to Thuy, the ministry leader of TWR-Vietnam. We managed to gain some insights into how Christianity first came to Vietnam, and how God led him from catching fish as a young boy, to become a fisher of men…

  • Recollections of a Road Trip

    Being in the production team of TWR-Philippines’ youth and children’s programs, I sometimes feel as if I am one of the busiest persons in the world. I seat myself down in front of the computer for the whole day, writing scripts, recording, editing, mixing, and finalizing programs.

  • “Defending” Filipino Children from Disaster

    “Kapitan Tanggol is really great. He has so many things to share. He is really good!”

    Who is Kapitan Tanggol?