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  • He chose me


    Sari thought her life was great, and that she had no need for God… until the day things went very wrong for her.

  • Never too old for a change


    Rayna is a listener of the Thru the Bible broadcasts in the Nepali language. A widow who lost her husband many years ago, she lives with her grown-up daughters in a village where Christianity is frowned upon…

  • Finding the Truth


    NEPAL — Akash* was no stranger to religion. In fact, he said he had read many religious books, but claimed have found no truth in any of them. So when a friend gave him a Bible many years ago, he ignored it.

  • Choosing Jesus


    “When I first heard the gospel, I thought, ‘There is no way I can ever share this information with my family. They will disown me!’ “

  • A Simple Prayer Answered


    “I accepted Christ as my personal Lord and savior in 2015. I was not able to attend any church as it was hard for me…”

  • ‘Jesus is my everything’

    NEPAL – Hati is HIV positive. She lives alone with nobody to depend on. Here is her story. I am HIV positive and I got it from my husband. Three years ago, he died from Aids. I have only one daughter who’s married and living away from me. I am all alone in this world […]

  • Leprosy Outcast Gives Mite for Ministry

    Find out why an elderly woman dropped her entire savings into the hand of an FM station manager in Nepal.

  • Disaster Response Program airs over FM in Nepal

    TWR is broadcasting a trauma-counseling program in Nepali over local FM stations to address the long-term spiritual and emotional well-being of survivors of the Nepal earthquakes.

  • Another earthquake hits Nepal

    Another major earthquake hit Nepal on Tuesday, 12 May, adding to the country’s devastation.

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