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Oral Communicators

  • His Word Heals and Saves

    CHINA — Ruth’s husband is a compulsive gambler, and she has been physically abused by him. Ruth has been leading a life filled with hurt, anger and bitterness. But all that changed one day…

  • Nepal | Receiving Salvation, Sonship, and New Life

    “I grew up as a devotee of my family religion, where we worshipped nature – I would pray to the trees, the stones, the sun, and the moon. When I was in my 20s, someone told me about Jesus Christ, and I became a Christian…”

  • Cambodia | “I Used to Dislike Christianity”

    “I used to dislike Christianity, but then I found out that I was working for a Christian organization.”

    These are the words of Pheakdei, a middle-aged man who became the security guard at our Cambodian office in Phnom Penh. Truly, God works in mysterious ways…

  • China | Memories of a Mission Trip

    “I looked down at the bucket which was filled with a brown mixture of dirt and water. While doing the laundry after returning home from the trip, I was reminded of freshly plowed soil, mud huts that dotted the khaki-colored hillsides, weathered tanned faces and scent of the earth…”

  • Nepal | Faith Comes By Hearing…

    A large number of people in Nepal live in remote villages which are far away from the major cities. Many of these villages do not have running water and electricity, let alone essential facilities such as healthcare…

  • China | Testimony from a Hui Believer

    “Ever since I was a youth, I have had my own way of thinking – I didn’t just go along with the crowd. For years, through my own interest and curiosity, as well as interactions with people from outside my community, I found out more and more about Christianity…”

  • China | Refreshing the Word in Believers’ Minds

    While using stories to bring the Gospel to oral communities is effective, it is also not without its own challenges. A ministry worker with an oral culture in China tells us…

  • China | Reaching the Nosu-Yi with God’s Word

    “During a recent trip, a short-term missions team gave a radio to a Nosu man and helped him understand how to tune in to the daily broadcast in his language. I wanted to find out if the man was still listening to the broadcast. So, some time later, I visited the man’s village in the hopes of meeting up with him…”

  • Cambodia | So the Prisoner May Be Free

    ‘U’ is nearly 60-years-old, and the leader of a house church in Cambodia. Each week, she leads the 20-odd people who come together to worship God. This sister-in-Christ has a passion for the unreached, a passion that has led her behind bars – but not in the conventional sense of the word…

  • What is Orality?

    “I can’t really read, but with the radio broadcast every night and an audio player with gospel programs, I can listen to God’s Word…”