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  • “Please pray for me”


    “I love my mother so much, but as for how to show it, in ways she can feel and understand… I don’t know how.”

  • Freed from anger and revenge


    “Lord, I thank you. You touched me and I felt it… Cover me so that I won’t seek revenge again.”

  • Fighting addiction


    “I used to be addicted to drugs. I sought help in order to overcome it, but I was still full of fear and worries…”

  • Double Surprise


    “When I first heard about our listener Becky, I never had any inkling that I would be meeting her soon…”

  • Footsteps: Sixty Thousand

    Andy Napier

    What country is now a missionary-sending country?

  • “God answered our prayer”


    Jarome stopped working because of his stroke, but now he’s healed.

  • A Humbling Experience

    Meet Nikki—an energetic young lady with a big heart for Jesus and an interest in video production. Read about her summer internship with TWR.

  • Text Message Ends Murder Plot

    Rita listened to TWR’s radio programs regularly and attended church every Sunday. Despite this, she never felt worthy in her marriage.

  • Beyond Our Imagination

    The Philippines — “Dear Lord, thank you for the ministry you have entrusted to us. We are grateful for the opportunity to bring the message of your Gospel to children. However, we are running out of teaching materials. Please provide for us,” Dr. Maria in the Philippines prayed. Dr. Maria used to be an anthropologist. […]

  • Turning Pain into Victory

    After an accident, Ignacio was left paralyzed from a spinal injury. Instead of wallowing in his condition, Ignacio decides to help other disabled people…

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